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The Domination Continues..Are You Ready for A New Johnnys Debut?

Debut1 Debut2

Debut4 Debut5

Apparently, a Johnnys CD debut plan is slated this Autumn. And speculations are abound about who might just be the next group to debut. The preview for the December issue of Myojo magazine) on sale by October 22 has the following teaser:

which roughly says that on  the front cover of the Myojo magazine's December issue, CD debut plans for a new Johnny’s Volleyball World Cup support group are announced. 

If anyone can remember, Hey! Say! Jump!'s debut has a similar teaser in 2007, with Myojo magazine announcing the plans for a CD debut, released in a similar timeline. On September 2007, the teaser was released indicating an announcement in Myojo's December issue. Previous volleyball related group debuts are V6, Arashi, NEWS, and Hey! Say! Jump! so there is a high likeliness that whoever-this-group is could be permanent. We might get a JR group debut or we might a shocker like Hey! Say! Jump, either way it would be very very interesting as there are lots of Juniors to choose from in the Jimusho.

Watch out for events like the Theatre Special Kis-My-Ft2 with Johnnys Jr or Hey! Say! JUMP's Tokyo Dome Summary this September, they might just announce something.



And on another news that may or may not be related to the above plans, is the creation of Johnnys Jr Land.  It was just announced that there will be a newJohhny's Junior program called Johnny's Jr. Land on Sky Perfect TV, which IIRC is a Japanese cable network.

The program is said to be set in the style of an amusement park with their being different segments, such as a talk part, on location shots and challenges. The CMs for the program will start on September 30th and the program will begin on October 2nd, running from 9PM to 950PM.

The main hosts of the program will be Nakajima Kento and Kikuchi Fuma and the other Juniors listed to be a part of this program are; Sato Shori, Matsushima Sou, You Marius, Kuramoto Kaoru, Jinguji Yuta, Takahashi Fu, Takahashi Saneyasu and Wakayama Rei.


There are so many people who could debut, it can get crazy with the possibilties, but I have a feeling it will be like HSJ all over again. 
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