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Hasegawa Jun talks about “bridal training” and Hawaii during smartphone lounge event

Model Hasegawa Jun attended an opening ceremony for the smartphone lounge, “MEDIAS BLACK LOUNGE Produced by GLAMOROUS“, on September 13th.

Back in July, Hasegawa announced her engagement to a non-celebrity from Hawaii. With a big smile, Hasegawa revealed that she is undergoing ‘bridal training’, saying, “Lately, I’ve been doing my best with cooking,” and continued, “I don’t have any specialty dishes yet, but… I lived in Hawaii, so I can make things like spam musubi. Although that’s not considered cooking.”

Wearing a sexy black dress, Hasegawa said, “Lately, I like clothes that are comfortable and simple.” She also shared that during her private time, she takes Yoga classes, and showed off her athletic side saying, “It’s a small wave in Waikiki, but when I go home to Hawaii, I go surfing.”

At the event, Hasegawa presented an original panel for her smart phone, designed in the image of Hawaii. She expressed, “This year marks the 10th year since I came to Japan from Hawaii. I casually think about Hawaii.” Hasegawa showed her strong feelings for her home state saying, “Playing at the beach, climbing trees… When I think of those kind of things, I am given power. It’s an important place.”

The lounge will be open from September 14th to the 18th at Omotesando, Tokyo in commemoration of the release of Docomo Smart Phone “MEDIAS WP N-06C’s” new color ‘Royal Black’.

Source + Photos: Oricon via Tokyohive
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