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Which group do you unconsciously get sucked into when they appear on TV?

It seems in the first half of this year the group shining with the most overwhelming appearances record is AKB48. The force of these girls, besides in the music scene, displays a broad range of momentum, and does not know what stopping is. 

I'm a butthurt translator and this title sounds better.

1.  Arashi (20,575 votes)

2. AKB48 (6,748 votes)

3. KARA (4,876 votes)

4. SMAP (3,922)
5. Kanjani (2,194)
6. Perfume (2,194)
7. TOKIO (730)
8. Happiness (239)
9. Smileage (160)
10. SDN48 (79)

J-Netizens Comments - Always interesting.

'Let me say first off as an Arashi fan, to those who all voted, thank you."

"As to be expected of Johnny's. But lately NEWS hasn't come on... Its just Kanjani8."

"Whenever Number 2 comes on I immediately change the channel."

"Its just idols lol. Japan is finished heh lol."

"When it comes to Johnnys I dont watch anything but Arashi, because they're the best."

"How boring. For the time being I'm avoiding Arashi. I'll watch other Johnnys, but I don't need Arashi."

"Kinki Kids isn't here..."

"I can't see anything but just a simple popularity poll."

"I love Kanjani8!"

"Its Kanjani8, no matter what it is they are always interesting. ☆"

"TOKIO is the most interesting!"

"I don't have any interest in Johnnys other than Arashi and KAT-TUN."

"The fellow who says because of idols Japan is finished can say it if he is inclinded, but on the contrary, Japan has yet to end. (Laugh)"

"Hey! Say! JUMP! aren't here.  (ρ_;)"

"I love Arashi but hate Koreans!"

"Who is Happiness?"

"Toho Shinki!"

"I wanted Kismai to be included. (´・ω・`)"

"Lately Arashi has appeared too much so I'm irritated."

"Well, whatever group it is is fine. Only if it is K-Pop then it becomes impossible. At least if you are a Japanese support Japanese!"

"AKB (Laugh) Depends on the member."

"These are the results of the Japanese people."

'The fans worked hard, huh."

"Arashi and the alike are only here because of the Jimusho's backing. No matter what channel I turn to I see them and its annoying."

"Has everyone forgotten about News? Ahaha- ^^"

'Shojo Jidai, KARA, FT..." Of course K-POP!"

"Because Arashi has a good relationship and AKB48 is interesting. The 1st and 2nd place is proper. But why KARA? First of all, why they are doing activity in Japan is a mystery."

"I have a problem with the "Because they are Japanese" thinking. If I like them whats wrong with supporting them? I love Toho Shinki!"

"Its Arashi. Because Hey! Say! JUMP! had a member smoking underage, its impossible for them. ((゜д゜;≡;゜д゜)) "

"Bad at songs, can't do performances, don't make music, just some another person's music and another person's choreography, a ranking filled with nothing but "singing" and "doing" puppets. This is Japan's music industry. Its over."

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