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A group of idols on NHK documentary? Only this senpais can do it ^^

As reported earlier, SMAP
held their very first overseas concert in China on September 16th. The
boys will continue to add new experiences to their roster, as it’s just
been reported that they will appear on NHK’s documentary show for their first time since their debut.

Titled “Professional Shigoto no Ryu-gi SMAP Special“, the
show followed the five SMAP members closely for about two months. The
staff filmed the members’ long preparations for their Beijing live, and
the camera kept rolling until the very day of the concert. In addition,
the show will include coverage of their solo activities, as well as
footage of SMAP’s top-secret events, held at three disaster-stricken
areas (such as the town of Minamisanriku in Miyagi).

Professional Shigoto no Ryu-gi” is a regular show of NHK’s
that has covered more than 160 professional people; their special with
SMAP will be the first time in the show’s history that it will focus on
idol musicians.


I thought I'm already immune to JE's costume. But those outfits are hilarious! Oh, CONGRATZ SMAP! ^_^V

Tags: international media, smap

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