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SMAP and J ent in China

Following the success of SMAP's Beijing concert where an audience of 40,000 attended (90% Chinese), some are interested in the state of Japanese entertainment in China.

A couple news programs mentioned this ranking: top 10 japanese entertainers that are popular in China according to the 2010 Baidu forum voting. Idols are very popular with Johnnys taking many of the top 10 spots. Kimutaku is in 16th place.
(ranking is 1. Akanishi Jin 2. Yamashita Tomohisa 3. Kamenashi Kazuya 4. AKB48 5. Yamada Ryosuke 6. Hamasaki Ayumi 7. w-inds 8. Arashi 9. Horikita Maki 10. YUI)

More analysis from the concert. During the concert, the most popular SMAP member was Kimutaku, who also had the most numbers of uchiwa (fans) and the most cheers. For the Chinese fans Kimutaku is the 'their dream lover'

They analyze the reason for his popularity. Three key reasons they claim are that
1. there are no young idols in China like smap or akb48 (teens should focus on school)
2. the men in Chinese entertainment are very 'manly', with short hair and muscles
3. Chinese stars likes high fashion brands, which they wear head to toe including their accessories

Chinese fans has first contacted Kimutaku in the '96 drama Long Vacation that was also broadcasted in China. And some have waited 15 years for this concert. Three of his most attractive points for Chinese fans are:
1. Despite being a guy, has pretty looks (as opposed to the macho guys)
2. Long hair
3. fashion sense they can identify with (t-shirts/ jeans especially since he's been best-jeanist)
Overall someone they can relate with more and not a feeling of distance

One commenter says she's very happy that popular Japanese entertainers can also be popular in foreign countries, with fans able to share the same emotions

source: baidu

yay for (overseas) fandom being newsworthy..... I wonder what the ranking is like for the entire international fandom? Probably overtaken by idols as well? lol
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