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Komori Jun holds a press conference 90 minutes before her wedding reception

On September 19th, model Komori Jun held a press conference right before her wedding reception to commemorate the release of her photo essay, “Konjun‘.

Wearing a wedding dress, a 100 million yen tiara, and a 70 million yen necklace, Komori was dazzling at the press conference. She happily stated, “My earrings were 1,000 yen at Don Quixote. This is reality.

Back in April, Komori announced her engagement to former model and apparel brand manager Imai Ryo, and they officially registered their marriage on July 7th. The press conference was held right after the wedding ceremony, and 90 minutes before the reception.

Komori revealed that the wedding ceremony was chaotic, and shared, “My dad stepped on my wedding dress, I couldn’t move forward. It was full of laughter, without any tears.” Commenting on the ceremonial kiss, Komori shared, “We did it on the cheek. It’s embarrassing to kiss on the lips in front of our parents.” Komori also complimented her husband saying, “He usually wears jingling accessories on his clothes, so I was able to see a different side of him. He was handsome. He also told me I was cute.

Regarding their future plans, Komori revealed, “We want to value our time together. We want kids, but we’ll be patient for one or two years… But, it’s a gift.” Although their relationship seems perfect, Komori revealed, “We fought during our honeymoon,” and continued, “When we make peace, we kiss.

The photo essay features Komori’s encounter with Imai, her past relationships, her reasons on why she couldn’t get married, homemade recipes, make-up techniques, and sweet two-shots with Imai. Additionally, the extra edition includes an interview with Imai, and photos from their honeymoon in Hawaii.

At the end of the event, Komori expressed, “I grasped this marriage while in pain, so I want people who are in pain to read it. Instead of giving up, I want them to win over happiness. Although I’m sorry that this is coming from a winner’s opinion.

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