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Belgian soccer team apologizes for Fukushima taunts

As a follow up to this this article.

BRUSSELS — Belgian league club Beerschot formally apologized to Japan's Eija Kawashima on Tuesday after some of its fans taunted the international goalkeeper with jeers of "Kawashima, Fukushima" during a match.

The referee interrupted the game against Lierse last month until the taunts stopped about Japan's nuclear power plant disaster.

When the goalie went to confront the fans when the taunting started, he was pelted with coins and beer. The club was fined $34,200 for the disruption.

Kawashima said the apology would mean a lot to the Japanese people.


Original article says the taunt was "Fukushima, Fukushima" but I'm pretty sure it was "Kawashima, Fukushima." so I changed it. Also saw the guy on tv apologizing by attempting to speak Japanese, it's nice they put in an effort.
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