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Messiah Junsu is blessing Japan with his talent

On September 22nd, Japan’s Sankei Sports reported that 2PM's Junsu will be working with Japanese R&B artist DOUBLE for the very first time.

Junsu will be using his solo name ‘Jun. K‘ for his featuring in DOUBLE’s newest track, “Count 3″. The song will be included in her upcoming album, “Woman“, scheduled for release on October 5th.

DOUBLE had previously thought of retiring from the industry after having to go on hiatus in 2009 for gastroenteritis.  She said she refueled her creativity after listening to K-Pop and was moved by 2PM’s vocal and performance style, which is why she approached Junsu to work with her for her comeback as a singer.

Junsu stated, “She helped me get comfortable, and thanks to her, I feel like we made something great.” Double stated, “He’s a very positive and respectful person.  Very caring, a true gentleman.”

Japan should feel so lucky rn!

Tags: 2pm, double, hallyu

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