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Another record for AKB48

The last ranking for Karaoke songs gave to AKB48 another record.
According to Oricon, in 17 years since the creation of karaoke songs ranking, it's the first time that songs from the same artist ranked First, Second and Third place in the same ranking.
Since the creation, many artists, such as Morning Musume (1998), Namie Amuro (1996), Glay (1998) and others, was topped or get two songs in ranking (not consecutive), but AKB48 is the first artist to have three consecutive songs topping the ranking.
Weekly karaoke song

1st) AKB48 - Heavy Rotation (47th consecutive week at this position)
Release date: 2010.08.18

2nd) AKB48 - Flying Get
Release date: 2011.08.24

3rd) AKB48 - Everyday, Kachuusha!
Release date: 2011.05.25

4th) Kaoru to Tomoki, Tama ni Mukku - Maru Maru Mori Mori
Release date: 2011.05.25

5th) Yoko Takahashi - Zankoku no Tenshi no These
Release date: 1995.10.25

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