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Industry Insiders: Whos the biggest douchebag in JE?

Music industry insiders comment on who they believe exhibites the most courtesy and most douchebaggery out of all the JE boys. Just leaving this here.

The Nice Guys:

Most industry insiders agree that TOKIO’s Nagase Tomoya and Kokubun Taichi are the best JE talents you can work with. One director says that they actually listen to what you have to say and are able to look at things through the staff’s eyes. This makes a lot of sense as TOKIO are the only JE group that has an entire show about them farming in the countryside. That’s almost like voluntarily subjecting themselves to Cultural Revolution style forced labor camps on a weekly basis. You’ve got to either be paid an obscene amount of money or genuinely be an OK person to enjoy this, and I doubt it’s the former.

As for every other JE talent?
“Even if they’re polite to you, you can tell they don’t really care and just do what they’re told to. Still, they’re pros and they produce a good finished product.” 

It only gets worse from here out.

Mildly Douchy:

One writer says: ”I was really disappointed in Arashi’s Sakurai Sho. When I interviewed him, he was very argumentative - demanding to know what medium this interview will be presented in, what the purpose of the interview is, and even how to answer some questions. He conducted this interview while smoking a cigarette and looking really annoyed.”
I guess they couldn’t handle how TYRA! Sho is. Whatever, I think he’s just practicing for his inevitable entry into politics once Arashi stops making enough money for him.
A magazine editor says, “When I was trying to have a meeting with Arashi’s Matsumoto Jun, he showed up with some stylist friend of his and they just giggled while flipping through our magazine the entire time without listening to a word I said. If he wasn’t in Johnny’s I would have lost it.”
Matsujun would be the only Johnny’s that pisses people off because he can’t stop bromancing with his hair school friends.


A TV staffperson says, “V6’s Miyake Ken is not only demanding but aslo moody, so he’s impossible to work with. He’s especially obnoxious about his outfits, so if he’s in a bad mood he’ll go through all the clothes on a rack and declare ‘I can’t wear any of this crap! You don’t have a clue what I want to wear!” 

I’m sorry but I cannot stop laughing at the idea of Miyake Ken throwing a diva tantrum because some stylist didn’t find the right grandpa sweater/pastel women’s t-shirt combination for him. Imagine him yelling “I CANT WEAR ANY OF THIS CRAP” in his chipmunk voice! Someone make this into a reality tv show pls.

A photographer’s assistant says this about Kanjani8/NEWS’s Nishikido Ryo, “When he’s in a good mood, he just dicks around. When he’s not he either tells you to shut up or doesn’t give you an actual answer at all. He usually ignores the photographer’s instructions.” 

Nishikido Ryo: every middle school boy you’ve known in your entire life. 

King of The D-bags:

Says a drama staff member: “Everything about SMAP’s Kimura Takuya isn’t bad: he remembers all the staff’s names and frequently gives nice gift to everyone. However, no on can say anything to him and everyone has to listen to what he says.” A magazine editor says, “I once went to interview Kimutaku’s co-star on set. Kimutaku kept on glaring at us, so his co-star hurriedly finished the interview to continue with filming.”
Well, I guess you can’t expect the #1 in the host club known as JE to actually be nice and care about your feelings. Or maybe he’s doing this on purpose so people get sucked in to his gruff exterior, but then melt when he shows you his sensitive side? It’s all a ploy!


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