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Kuroki Meisa talks about Hoshino Aki’s marriage at a “UNIQLO” event

On September 22nd, Kuroki Meisa (23) and Kora Kengo (23) attended a product announcement event for UNIQLO’s latest product, “Ultra Light Down Coat”.

The two appeared at this event wearing the new product, and when asked who they would want to wear this with, Kuroki answered, “Since he is next to me, it’s good enough for me today,” and showed a smile to Kora.

When she was asked for her opinions on Hoshino Aki’s and Miura Kousei’s marriage, “I thought they were already engaged. Since I have an older sister who is also married and have kids, I am satisfied with that. It may be a warning sign,” thus showing no plans of marriage as for now.

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