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Kumada Yoko’s romance revealed

The magazine FRIDAY reports that talento and gravure idol Kumada Yoko (29) is currently in a relationship. Her partner is said to be a company employee who is the same age as her. FRIDAY published photos of the two entering Kumada’s apartment building together, and of the two walking and holding hands after a meal with a group of people.

Kumada is currently living with her mother, but her mother reportedly approves of the relationship. The man has been seen spending the night at the apartment, leaving for work the next day wearing a new shirt.

According to FRIDAY, Kumada and the man were introduced to each other by a friend this past spring. There are reports that Kumada said she is hoping to marry the man. However, her agency has denied the reports, claiming that the man is just a good friend and that there are no plans for marriage.

Tags: gravure/av, rumour, talent

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