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NMB48 - Oh My God! PV 4 min vers

The girls of idol group NMB48 released the 4-minute version of the music video for their second single, “Oh My God!“.

The covers of the single already teased the cute cheerleading outfit and their fans were looking forward to see them in the music video.

However, at first we get to see the girls disguised as a female soccer team playing a tough match against a rival school.

The two motives of the video, the soccer team and the cheerleading squad, have both been chosen to portray the song’s theme of ‘youth’.

Check out the music video for “Oh My God!” below!


Ahh frankly, I can't wait for the full story version of the PV.
Cheap pv but everything works for me, so all is good <3
And Yamamoto Sayaka is so flawless and adorable...she owns the PV :3
Totally was stalking Ainyan too!
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