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Aragaki Yui to star in “Ranma 1/2″ live-action special


The classic manga “Ranma 1/2” is being turned into a live-action drama special this December, starring actress Aragaki Yui (23). The drama will be an original story with Tendo Akane as the main character. The part of Saotome Ranma will be played by actor Kaku Kento (22) and Natsuna (22).
Originally written by Takahashi Rumiko and published by Shogakukan between 1987 and 1996, the manga has had more than 53 million copies printed. The comic has also been adapted as an anime series and has spawned several video games.
In the drama special, Aragaki plays Akane, who is determined to protect the longevity of the Tendo dojo. However, one day her father Soun suddenly declares that the dojo’s successor must be male. This rules out Akane’s intended partner Ranma, who suffers from a curse that turns him into a girl whenever he is splashed with cold water. In order to remove the curse and inherit the dojo, Ranma seeks out a secret hot spring, but he encounters a mysterious enemy.
The announced cast also features Hasegawa Kyoko as Tendo Kasumi, Tanihara Shosuke as Ono Tofu, Furuta Arata as Saotome Genma, and Namase Katsuhisa as Tendo Soun. The casting for the other characters has not yet been revealed.

Aragaki commented, “I’ve dreamed about jumping into the ‘Ranma 1/2′ world when I was small, that’s how much I loved the manga.  I’m surprised that I’m able to do so after all these years. Although I’m truly happy about it, I’m truthfully scared at the same time because it seems very difficult to make it into a live-action show. I will aim to make this drama satisfying for the fans of the manga, including myself.  I also hope that I will be able to enjoy acting. I will do my best.”
In this special drama, the plot will exhibit elements from the original storyline, such as Akane’s discord with her father when he suddenly determines Ranma to be her fiancee, as well as Ranma’s various scuffles with enemies during his mission to find the hot spring that will cure his condition.
NTV will broadcast the 2-hour drama sometime in December.

Source: Tokyograph & Tokyohive

OMFG. I Never thought they're gonna do it!!! GakkyxKakuKen!
First Conan then Rurouni Kenshin now Ranma... My childhood anime obsessions are slowly coming to life!

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