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Mark your calendar. Your queen of Rock will grace early 2012 with some epic awesomeness

Singer-songwriter Shiina Ringo will be providing the theme song for the upcoming documentary film, “Kyou to Ashita no Aida de“. This will be Shiina’s first dance song, and she will play the piano alongside Saito Neko Quartet.

“Kyou to Ashita no Aida de” is a documentary film about Shuto Yasuyuki, a world-famous ballet dancer. It will portray the real side of the
‘isolated dancer’, as he reveals his innermost thoughts for the first  time. The movie said to be a beautiful film that fuses Shuto’s magical
dance with Shiina’s music.

Shuto has always been attracted to Shiina’s classical aspects of her music. He approached the singer for a collaboration while in the midst of creating his solo dance for the movie. Shuto was so impressed with the song Shiina created that he decided to take the song’s title, “Between Today and Tomorrow“, for the movie.

“Kyou to Ashita no Aida de” will hit theatres on January 7th, 2012.


Song + piano + dance <3

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