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A Japanese actor in South Korea. Working peacefully.

Actor plays 2 roles in S. Korea

Takashi Nakagawa / Yomiuri Shimbun Staff Writer

South Korea-based actor Kenichi Yoshimura has two "roles" in his
latest project--acting in the South Korean film "Kabi" (coffee) and
coaching his costars in Japanese.

After performing the part of an aide to a Japanese foreign minister
who is seeking to take over the Korean Peninsula in the late 19th
century, Yoshimura immediately began teaching the starring actors how to
say their Japanese dialogue. "Kabi" is scheduled to be released at the
end of this year.

"I'm extremely busy, but I'm very fulfilled," said the 37-year-old
Yoshimura, dressed in a retro suit with his hair pulled back.

A former J.League soccer player who hails from Kawasaki, Yoshimura
started his career as a TV personality after leaving soccer at the age
of 20.

He traveled to South Korea in 2002, seeking the help of the
president of a South Korean entertainment agency he met at a soccer game
between Japanese and South Korean entertainers.

Yoshimura's acting debut came later that year in a South Korean
drama. Now based in Seoul, he has appeared in nearly 20 films and
dramas, and speaks Korean without difficulty.

In teaching Japanese dialogue to South Korean actors, Yoshimura pays
special attention to fitting the lines to the particular role and scene
so they sound natural.

Big names such as Lee Byung Hun and Kim Sun Ah have expressed gratitude for the actor's support, but Yoshimura remains humble.

"I'm learning a lot from [such stars]," Yoshimura said. "They make
every effort to give the best possible performance and make it perfect.
They make no excuses whatsoever."

Keen as he is on his new role as language coach, Yoshimura still
considers himself first and foremost an actor and not only in South

"I'd like to appear in Japanese dramas and films in the future. I
want to see if the [acting] methods I've learned here will work in
Japan," he said.


Reminds me of 2009 Lost Memories. Jang Dong Gun + Nakamura Toru = heartbreaking <3

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