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Freeter, Ie wo Kau wins the Grand Prize for Tokyo Drama Awards 2011

"Tokyo Drama Awards 2011" that is held annually as a part of "International Drama Festival in TOKYO 2011" have selected its winners. For this awards, dramas are rigorously selected from the quality of the work, a drama which mirrors Japanese society appropriately, and a drama that will be accepted and do well/to sell abroad.

Freeter, Ie wo Kau (Fuji TV) that was aired in October to December 2010 has been selected as the Grand Prix winner for drama series category and 99-nen no Ai~JAPANESE AMERICANS~ (TBS aired from 3rd to 7th November 2010 for 5 consecutive days) for drama movie category.

In addition, to recognize the works sold in foreign market, a Special Award; "Asia Award" is given to JIN (TBS in April-June 2011).

Award ceremony will be held on 24th October at Roppongi Hills

Grand Prix (Renzoku)
Freeters, Ie wo Kou (FujiTV Oct-Dec 2010)

Grand Prix (Tanpatsu)
99-nen no Ai~JAPANESE AMERICANS~ (TBS Nov 2010).

Excellence Prize (Renzoku)
Second Virgin (NHK Oct-Dec 2010)
Q10 (NTV Oct-Dec 2010)
JIN (TBS Apr-June 2011)
Moteki (TokyoTV July-Oct 2010)

Excellence Prize (Tanpatsu)
Goodbye, Our Kindergarten (NTV March 2011),
Ikon Ari ~ Meiji Juusan-nen Saigo no Adauchi (TV Asahi February 2011)
Naze Kimi wa Zetsubou to Tatakaeta no ka Date (WOWOW Sep 2010)

Best Actor
Ninomiya Kazunari / Freeters, Ie wo Kau

Best Actress
Kyoka Suzuki / Second Virgin
Ashida Mana / Marumo no Okite

Best Supporting Actor
Uchino Masaaki / JIN

Best Supporting Actress
Mitsushima Hikari / Moteki

Best Screenplay
Ooishi Shizuka / Second Virgin

Best Director 
Izumi Seiji / Aibou season 9

Best Producer 
Hashimoto Fumi / Freeter, Ie wo Kau

Special Award


Congratulations to all winners!!
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