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Meet the 'dirty girls' of Ayaman Japan

From left: Lu-Kitae, Ayaman Director and Fantasista-Sakurada

Ayaman Japan is a girls’ entertainment group performing mainly at party events around Roppongi and Nishi-Azabu. There are 100 members in Ayaman Japan, all of whom were scouted by the leader who is called “Ayaman Director.” But only three members, including “Ayaman Director,”
do media appearances.

Ayaman Japan doesn’t belong to any talent agency. Rather, they are an amateur group that performs through connection with members. They don’t get paid.

Ayaman Japan started to become famous after appearing on the TV variety program “Tonneruzu no minasan no okage deshita” in 2010. They became famous with their first song “Poipoipoipopoipoipopii”

After their first hit song, Ayaman Japan collaborated with the comedian Tanoshingo to release a new song “Dodosuko-poipoi” on June 15. Ayaman Japan also collaborated with comedian Shingo Fujimori from “Oriental Radio” to release a new song “Natsu age motion” on Aug 10.

Even though they are pretty, the girls tell dirty jokes and behave in a manner that Japanese women generally don’t do in public. Some people think they are fun, while others get offended by their actions.


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