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Matsuda Shota becomes badass in new movie, Hard Romantic-er

he latest film from director Gu Su-yeon (“Guuzen ni mo Saiaku no Shounen”) will star actor Matsuda Shota (25), it has been revealed. Titled “Hard Romantic-er,” the film is based on Gu Su-yeon’s debut novel of the same name, a partially autobiographical account of his experiences as a second-generation Korean in Japan.

Matsuda plays the part of Gu, a high school dropout who works as a part-timer. He gets tangled in trouble through a gangster that he has known since he was a child (Maki Kurodo), leading to the involvement of a police detective (Watabe Atsuro).

For the role, Matsuda came up with the idea to dye his hair blond and slick it back.  The story is set in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi (where Matsuda’s father and legendary actor Matsuda Yusaku was born) and in Ogura, Fukuoka.

The supporting cast also features Nagayama Kento, Emoto Tokio, Maki Yoko, Watanabe Dai, Endo Yuya (D-BOYS), Ochiai Motoki (NAKED BOYZ), Ishigaki Yuma, Endo Kaname, Ashina Sei, Nakamura Shido, Hakuryu, Kaneko Nobuaki, Kawano Naoki, and Awaji Reiko.

The movie is scheduled for theater release on November 23, 2011.

It has also been announced that Kuroyume will be contributing their new song "13 new ache" to the movie "Hard Romantic-er".

The song itself is scheduled for release in November 2nd, where it will be included in Kuroyume's first album in 13 years. With vocalist Kiyoharu's image of "violence, insanity and chaos", the song has been written specifically for the movie.

Moreover, the TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA can be credited for the movies musical perspective altogether.

"We went into recording '13 new ache' with the image of violence, insanity and chaos from the movie for our first theme song. We are very happy about this offer", Kiyoharu commented.

*swoons* There's something about bloody, kick-ass pretty boys that gets me riled up.

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