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BFFs Maru & Massu Stars in a New Show- "Dachitabi"

Dachitabi Preview


In Dreamboys MC, Maru tries to explain the show:

Maru: It is some sort of drama, that wasn't like a normal drama but not variety and not news but something else that apparently starts the first of October. You should all should watch it. 
Kame: We can make absoutely nothing out of your explanation though.

According to Massu the concept of this drama is to use currently on-sale goods, and filming in actual attraction spots in Japan to provide info about recent activity in Japan. The setting of this drama is that they are going camping!

The Show

Dachitabi is a tv show where you learn information (re. the popular goods/food etc) while being a drama too (A/N: 'infotainment').
The diverse information/reference materials that appear can be checked too (by pressing the d button on the remote control).

The goods that appear in the show all exist! If you wish to obtain them, there will be information on how you can get them!

First Chapter: The Dal Segno Camp

This is about 3 good friends who graduated from the band (wind-instrument group) Torobou (Nakamaru), Sakkun (Masuda), and Torasan (Yamamoto). While in an enjoyable camp, there was a girl who caught Tora's love interest. Behind the Tora who wants/wishes to confess, are Torobou and Sakkun (pushing him towards it). But, what is the close/friendly relationship this girl holds with the two of them?

What would become of these three's friendship and love outlook?

Nakamaru Yuuichi - Torobou
Current job: An idol who doesn't sell
His other name - Torobou* (used to play the trombone in the band)
Herbivore type who is calm/collected, but who also has a hidden side of being passionate in his friendship (between men)

Takahisa Masuda - Sakkun
Current job: A salaryman
His other name: Sakkun (played the saxophone)
Cheerful, good moodmaker. Said by the other two to be a flirt/woman cheater [A/N: not too sure here]

Yamamoto - Torasan
Current job: After staying back in school for 5 years, now a salaryman
His other name: Torasan (used to play the trumpet)
As the most senior, he aims to achieve the most out of the three. But in reality, he's a clumsy/awkward though well-loved character.

Throughout the website the real name doesn't seem to be given, since they are always referred to by their nicknames.

It starts on 5th October 2011, 12:28AM.

credits: 1, 2, 3

ohhhh BFFs got together. and loling at Maru's character in the 1st episode

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