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1:56 pm - 10/02/2011

Gouriki Ayame promotes ‘Nissin Futomen’ cup noodles & likes ‘futo men’

Actress Gouriki Ayame attended the launch event for Nissin Food’s newest kind of cup noodles, the ‘Nissin Hybrid Futomen Dodo‘.

At the event attendees played around with the term ‘futomen’, which usually translates to ‘fat noodles’. However, Gouriki was asked, when having a meal with a man, whether she would prefer a ‘futo man’ (plump man) that can eat a lot or a reserved ‘hoso man’ (thin man).

She smiled and replied, “It would be better if he was a futo man and ate a lot.

Toyota representatives were also present at the event with their ’Prius‘ hybrid car. They called it the ‘Hybrid Futomen Dodo Car’ and attached a giant cup of the said noodles onto its roof.

Gouriki has yet to get her driver’s license, therefore reporters were more interested in her passenger seat stories. She said, “Usually my mother is driving and I’m sitting in the passenger seat.” Further, she added bashfully, “I’d love to have a ‘drive date’ someday, but I have to find the right man to drive. I hope I will find one.

The actress also discussed her ambitions and explained, “From now on I’d like to become more beautiful, appearance-wise and character-wise, just like a ‘hybrid’ actress. That’s my goal and I will try my best to achieve it.

The ‘Nissin Hybrid Futomen Dodo’ cup noodles, that actually are a ‘hybrid’ of fried and non-fried noodles, will go on-sale on Monday, October 3rd.

rainbow_yarn 3rd-Oct-2011 09:54 am (UTC)
ohhh dear I don't know about that hair
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