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A.N.JELL with TBS drama “Ikemen Desu ne” Music Collection Covers + Tracklist

Single + Album
Release date: 2011.10.05

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1. Promise
2. Futari
3. alone
4. Miss You

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1. "Ikemen Desu ne" Main Theme
2. Girl's Soul
3. Sunrise Shower
4. Youphoria
5. Pursuer
6. Aenakunaru Mae ni
7. Ashita Hareru Kana
8. Moon Knows
9. Run and Dive
10. Sky Sky Sky
11. Let's Play Tag
12. Bad Relations
13. Akegata no Niji
14. You are not my angel
15. My Formal Crisis
16. The story has not ended yet
17. Tobikiri no Ai wo Komete
18. Asakiiro no Yoru
19. Someone's Sorrow
20. He is my Hero
21. Yousei no Kattou
22. Kokoro no Oku no Hou e
23. "Ikemen Desu ne"Main Theme (String Ver.)
24. Aernakunaru Mae ni (Strings Ver.)
25. Akegata no Niji (Strings Ver.)

(DVD [Limited Edition only])

Music Video:
1. promise (Memorial Edition)
2. Futari (SHIBUYA-AX Live Version)
Source: Kisumai International Forum
Tags: kis-my-ft2

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