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[UPDATED] Takamina Meet and Greet + handshake event in Indonesia

Takamina Meet and Greet + handshake events has been held successfully today, at 4 pm to 6 pm, at the Plaza Senayan Atrium, Jakarta. Since the offical JKT48 hasn't released any news,  I'm just gonna share some pictures taken by a fan, who's also my friend, from Twitter.

The fans waiting for the event to start

Some videos was played on TVs all over the venue.

Takamina on stage, for the Meet and Greet (sorry, it's not very clear).

The line-up for handshake event

Another pictures come from Rosiana Silalahi Twitter account. She is a public figure and a well-respected journalist/reporter. For some reason, she's acting as Takamina chaperone today.

These two are pictures of the fans.

Stay tune for more updates ^^
More pics from asahi_nmb48 account (thank you for the tips from chibishun):

Takamina looks so cute, with the BG of so many fans

Lucky handshake

The cute captain ^^

And apparently, they visited JKT48 in training.

Takamina + JKT48 (team J)

Ok, to be able to go around with Takamina and to get this close, the ones who's taking the picture must be a crew.  Not some 'disrespecting overseas fans'. Use your logic.

Official JKT48 Twitter
Rosi Silalahi Twitter
asahi nmb48 twipple jp

1. If you don't want to see the pictures, don't bother clicking here.
2. Different countries, different management, different event, different rules. Again, use your logic. AKB is promoting overseas. Some kind of exposure is allowed, to some extent, and still respect the artist.

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