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Fancams of Takamina in Indonesia + local news coverage

It's nice to see fans are sharing their enthusiasm on the net. Now, I present you fancams on the meet and greet plus handshake events at the Plaza Senayan Atrium yesterday. And yes, camera/taking pics/fancams are allowed. Even the official JKT48 asked fans to share them via FB.
And please show some respect to this fans who have share it with others, who couldn't attend the event.

credits to Legend102:

credits to becaknabrak:

I'll update when I have the chance. If my update is not fast enough, feel free to embed those in the comments. Thank you guys!

Team A- AKB leader is making her fans in Plaza Senayan overjoyed

(Jakarta-Indonesia) at Tuesday (4/10), fans of Takahashi Minami, leader of Team A from AKB48 music group,  were overjoyed by her appearance in Plaza Senayan, Jakarta.

Hundreds of her hard-core fans, range from kids to adults, and also comes from other areas outside of Jakarta, seemed very enthusiastic and loudly cheered when Takamina arrived at the stage.

“Hello Jakarta! I am so happy to be here and meet you all!" said Takamina in Japanese, which was met by a loud cheer from the fans.

At the same occasion, accompanied by an interpreter, Takamina told briefly about her late activites and her purpose of visiting, which is related to the promotion of AKB newest single  “Kaze wa Fuiteiru”, which will be released by the end of October.  And also about the establishment of AKB48's sister group in Jakarta, JKT48.

SetelahAfter the talk show (meet and greet event), fans who have won the special handshake ticket, can say "Hi" and shake hands with Takamina personally, on stage.

Other than that,  Takamina also give away some AKB goods to the lucky fans who could answer questions from her correctly. She also sang a part of "Heavy Rotation" song to please the fans.

“I'm so glad that one of AKB member is finally visiting Jakarta", siad Rina (16 y.o), who came to the event with her parents. "I hope one day all AKB members will visit Jakarta and have a concert here."

Not only visiting her fans in Plaza Senayan, Takamina also visited the place where the sister groups trainees, JKT48, in Kridaloka, Plaza Barat, Bung Karno Stadium.

“The trainings maybe exhausting, but I hope you all can keep your spirit up." said Takamina in Japanese, in front of 47 girls, JKT48 candidates. "Everyone, Fighting! Till we all one day be able to perform in one stage."

When Takamina was asked about her opinion about JKT48 as the first AKB overseas sister group, she said that she is impressed by the girls spirit and determination. They reminded her of her past.

“Seeing them training with high spirit, reminds me when I was first joining AKB48", answered Takamina. "Everyone seems to be in high spirit, I'm really surprised." 

originally written by Nova (Halo Jepang administrator)

translated by katzsong

Halo Jepang! (Hello Japan!) is a website created in collaboration of Japanese people in Indonesia and Indonesian people. It provides news coverage of Japan's politic, social life, culture and economy. It also covers news about Japanese communities and corporation's activities in Indonesia, also any activities that involves Indonesia and Japan. It is updated every Tuesday and Friday

Thanks to chibishun for the tips ^^

Halo Jepang

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YT 1, YT 2

This MC is nicer :P sadly, I don't have time to translate  the 1rst video

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