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AI to release collaboration song with THE JACKSONS

It’s been revealed that R&B singer AI will be releasing a new single, ”Letter In The Sky feat. The Jacksons“, on December 14th.  This will be her first single after transferring to EMI Music Japan.

“Letter In The Sky feat. The Jacksons” is a collaboration song with Michael Jackson’s brothers THE JACKSONS. This song will serve as the theme song for “MICHAEL JACKSON TRIBUTE LIVE“, which will be held on December 13th and 14th at Yoyogi National Stadium.  It’s described as a heartfelt song-letter dedicated to everyone’s loved ones in the sky.

On the same day, AI will also release a live DVD/Blu-ray, titled ”Densetsu NIGHT’ at Nippon Budokan with Cho SPECIAL GUEST Oozei‘.  This will contain clips from AI’s 10th anniversary live that was held on November 29th of last year at Nippon Budokan.  AI’s anniversary live featured special guests including tap dancer Kazunori Kumagai, SPHERE, DABO, JESSE (RIZE), CORN HEAD, BOY-KEN, AFRA, Char, DELI, Zeebra, Anty the Kunoichi, Tsuchiya Anna, PUSHIM, AK-69, Kato Miliyah, ATSUSHI (EXILE), and Chaka Khan.

Sources: tokyohive, natalie

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