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SDN48 Special Visit at the AKB48 Official Cafe Singapore (2011.10.09) Q&A

SDN48 Special Visit at the AKB48 Official Cafe Singapore
2011.10.09 (SUN)
Session 2 (15:00)

Members: Chen Qu, Kondo Sayaka, Ito Mana

Singapore Cafe Girls performance: GAGAGA
Chen Qu: I love the sexy pose.
Kondo Sayaka: I think it is sexier than the real version. More sexier than us.
Ito Mana: Please teach us how to be sexy.


01. Why did you join SDN48?
Chen Qu: I've been learning dance since 11 years old. I was in a performance group. After 1 year I was scouted to Japan, but I didn't get much chance to continue dancing and performing on the stage. Then one day I saw an advertisement about SDN48 audition and decided to give it a try.
Kondo Sayaka: Before joining SDN48 I used to be a secretary for a Japanese company. One day I opened up the internet and saw a banner calling for auditions for SDN48. I clicked on it and somehow I ended up in SDN48. It was a big choice to change my job.
Ito Mana: My reason is very simple, it was my dream.

02. What song do they sing in Karaoke?
Chen Qu: We sing our own songs like [Ai, Chuseyo] and [GAGAGA]. And we dance while singing. Sometimes we challenge AKB48 songs.
Kondo Sayaka: I like really old songs such as Yamaguchi Momoe's. She has a deep voice so it actually fits my voice.
Ito Mana: I am a huge Michael Jackson fan so I like to sing his songs. [We are the world] for example.

03. (to Chen Qu) How did you learn Japanese?
Chen Qu: I went to a Japanese language school when I was in Japan. For 2 years I worked in one of the departments in the school to further improve my Japanese. I also continued learning by watching the anime [Sazae-san].

04. What is your favourite SDN48 song?
Chen Qu: [Touhikou]. At the start of the song, I do a little speech in Chinese, and the fans reply to me "WO AI NI" (which means I love you in Chiense). I think that song was specially designed for me by Akimoto Yasushi
Kondo Sayaka: [Sado e Wataru]. It's the B-side of [GAGAGA]. For me and Mana, it's the first song we participated in. Big memories are inside this song.
Ito Mana: [Sado e Wataru] and [Kodoku na Runner]. It's our first song that we practiced in SDN48.

05. You guys have a song [Onedari Champagne]. Do you actually drink alcohol?
Chen Qu: I love alcohol very much. In fact after the concert last night I drank a lot of champagne. People around me say I am quite a good drinker.
Kondo Sayaka: I love drinking. I go out for a drink every night. But I don't drink a lot at once. I drink like one or 2 beers and thats all for the night. Once in a while I do drink a lot.
Ito Mana: Among these 3, I love drinking the most.

06. Whats your most unforgettable moment in SDN48?
Chen Qu: It was some time before SDN48 debuted. During that time I had practices for other performances going on too. So during the practice sometimes I couldn't remember which dance movements were for which song. Also I usually call my parents every week to report my condition, but at one point I was so busy that I forgot and after 1 month my mom called me to check up on me. That's my most unforgettable moment
Kondo Sayaka: When we first filmed the PV for [Sado e Wataru]. It was the first time I was in a music video. When we first saw the dress for [Sado e Wataru], me and Mana was really surprised and was like "What in the world was this small fabric!". It was like really nothing. Also in the PV we were all showered with water. It was hurting my eyes and our makeups were gone, and it was also cold and freezing outside. It's a hard moment but it's in my memory for a long time, even now.
Ito Mana: Right now. Yesterday's live is a very very good moment. I will never forget that. (her first time performing overseas iirc)

07. Which is your favorite costume, and which are the ones you don't like so much?
Chen Qu: My favorite costume is the costume from [All in]. There's part of the dance where we had to lift up our legs quite high. I don't have any costumes that I don't like, as I cosplay (or used to, not sure which).
Kondo Sayaka: It doesn't come out often, but in the MIN.MIN.MIN PV, only in the PV, I'm wearing a black long dress. It's not on the cover or anything. It only appears for 1 second. It's funky and punky but it's pretty. It's literally 1 second so you can't close your eyes or even blink. (Costume that they don't like not asked)
Ito Mana: The costume in Onedari Champagne. It's a very cute costume. (Costume that they don't like not asked)

08. Who do you think is the sexiest in SDN48?
People in the cafe started shouting"ehhhhHHHH?". Then Chen Qu stands up and raises her hand slowly while also saying "ehhhhHHHH?"
Chen Qu: In SDN48, everyone has their own charmpoint. Some people have sexier faces, hands, and other parts of their body. I think I have the most balance out of everyone and so I think I am the most sexiest in SDN48.
Kondo Sayaka: Yukarin (Sato Yukari). Normally she is so far from being sexy, but when she is on the stage, she performs [Yuuwaku no Garter], she suddenly becomes exteremly sexy. She has her switch and suddenly she is a different person. Her dance is the most sexy.
Ito Mana: Ohori Megumi. Meetan. Her voice is "OH MY GOD!"

extra question from Chen Qu to MC Kai:
Chen Qu: So who do you like in SDN48? Oshimen?
Kai: *speechless*
Chen Qu: So you like everyone in SDN48?
Kai: yes. I like all members.
Chen Qu: So you are a DD!
(I laughed too hard that I forgot to write down what happened next)

09. What is your favourite food?
Chen Qu: I love eating meat, and hate vegetables. When I was young, if there was no meat on the table I would get angry.
Kondo Sayaka: I love Nattou. It's really disgusting in the way it looks, but it's really good and I eat it every day.
Ito Mana: I love Japanese noodles. Please come to Japan to eat it and to meet us.

10. (to Chen Qu) how does it feel to be the 1st Chinese in SDN48?
Chen Qu: I think it's a weapon for me. Because people will remember me more easily. That I can speak more languages is one of my strong points. And I think that as a Chinese I have a better figure than other members.

11. (to Ito Mana) What have you learnt about Singapore from the rest of the members?
Ito Mana: I heard from the members who came last time (especially Kondo Sayaka) that the fans in Singapore are very caring, warm and gentle. I enjoyed very much after I met everyone here. And I think that what they said is correct.

source: Melos125 @ Everyday48
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