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Shida Mirai, Kawaguchi Haruna star in horror film “POV”

Actresses Shida Mirai (18) and Kawaguchi Haruna (16) will co-star in a new horror film titled “POV ~Norowareta Film~,” directed by Tsuruta Norio (“Ring 0: Birthday,” “Orochi”). This is Kawaguchi’s first time playing a lead role in a movie.
Shida and Kawaguchi will play themselves. The story begins to unfold during a taping for a TV show about spiritual phenomena, when an unplanned video begins playing on the monitors. Settings for the movie include the actual junior high school that Kawaguchi graduated from.

The movie is scheduled for release in Japan on February 18, 2012. However, it has already been decided that the film will be screened in film festivals in Argentina and South Africa, and several offers have also come in from countries in southeast Asia.

Source: Tokyograph & Hollywood-ch
Sounds interesting as they are playing themselves. XD

UPDATE: The trailer is out on the official site: http://pov-film.com/
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