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goo ranks johnnys on sexiness, aramans take notice

The birth of a new Johnny's group! Johnny's high-praised beautiful 5 member group uses "sexy" as their selling point. When you say a "sexy" Johnny, who do you think of?

Recently, Goo Rankers, which might as well be referred to being infested with JE fangirls, voted in a poll for the Johnny who was the most sexy and charming.  Did your favorites make it? Maybe. Do you have to guess at #1? lolno. I also can't with the fact that sexy is being used with a group with an 11 YEAR OLD IN IT WHAT IS THIS.

20. Morita Go (175)
19. Tegoshi Yuya (213)
18. Ueda Tatsuya (254)
17. Nagase Tomoya (257)
16. Yamada Ryosuke (639)
15. Domoto Koichi (654)
14. Takizawa Hideaki (742)
13. Higashiyama Noriyuki (949)
12. Other (999)
11. Fujigaya Taisuke (999)

10.  Ohkura Tadayoshi (1,246)

9. Nishikido Ryo (1,296)

8. Okada Junichi (1,445)

7. Kamenashi Kazuya (2,054)

6. Sakurai Sho (2,111)

5. Ikuta Toma (2,227)

4. Kimura Takuya (2,518)

3. Akanishi Jin (2,995)

2. Everyone Hates You Right Now (4,994)


1. Matsumoto Jun (7,295)

J-Netizens Comment

"Yamapi and Akanishi have bad personalities."

"Matsumoto wota... lol. "

"Kamenashi Kazuya!"

"Akanishi Jin!"


"MatsuJun's voice and face is sexy."

"When MatsuJun's CM rush comes on my chest continues to tighten lol."

"Are you masturbating while you think of MatsuJun?

Aramans Comment

"Eww why does the majority of everyone find #1 attractive so and so should be moved up to so and so place and why isnt so and so here and i would bang the entire top 10 and why are things the way are they dont match my opinions and gif spam lololol and ew stop posting je stuff i get annoyed easily at polls!111!"

This is for  those people who asked. You know who you are.
Now, I'm going to go back to look at pictures of various... things.

Listening to 2006 Perfume its so cute I can't. ;.;
Tags: johnnys entertainment, polls/ranking

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