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Sho Sakurai and Keiko Kitagawa on life on set of their upcoming drama

A press conference on a luxury ship was enough to unnerve Arashi’s Sho Sakurai yesterday in Tokyo Bay, reports Sponichi Annex and Chunichi Sports.

The Johnny’s talent was promoting his upcoming drama “謎解きなディナーのあとで (Nazo-toki wa Dinner no atode)” with co-star Keiko Kitagawa and other cast members.
“I’m nervous because this is the first time I’ve had a press conference on a luxury liner in 12 years since my Arashi debut press conference,” he said.

Moving onto talking about his drama, Sakurai said he hopes his sharp-tongued butler role will create a new style of detective.

As the drama title describes “doing detective work after dinner”, Sakurai was asked what he does after dinner in real life.

“I’m into bath salts these days.  Bath salts for, ‘when you’re tired’, or, ‘before bed’.”

Sakurai’s group Arashi will also sing the theme song to the drama, which co-star Kitagawa described as, “very Arashi-like”.

“I told the others that, and they were like, ‘we don’t even know what Arashi-like is, how does she know…’, and we started a meeting about what is Arashi-like,” he said.

Kitagawa also shared a glimpse into what it is like working on set.

“Sakurai-san brings sugary treats to work, so we’re all cheerful on set,” she said.

“謎解きなディナーのあとで (Nazo-toki wa Dinner no atode)” goes on air in Japan on October 18.

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