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A.N.JELL with TBS Drama Ikemen Desu Ne Music Collection topped Oricon’s Weekly Ranking!

Oricon weekly rankings were announced for October 17, by which A.N.JELL and YUI got the top spot for single and album category respectively.

“Ikemen Desu Ne’s” A.N. JELL band formed by Kis-My-Ft2′s Yuta Tamamori and Taisuke Fujigaya together with Hey! Say! JUMP!’s Hikaru Yaotome and Miori Takimoto just recently released their debut album for the popular drama.

A.N.JELL with TBS Drama “Ikemen Desu Ne” MUSIC COLLECTION sold  150,000 copies in its first week of sale, won the top spot for the Oricon weekly chart, album category.

This is the first time that a drama soundtrack ever achieved in history beating the TV drama sound track “Long vacation’s” highest record to 2nd place.

Meanwhile, YUI ranked first in the single category with “Green. a.live” which sold 56,000 copies in its first week of sale.

Source: Kisumai International Fansite

Tags: drama, hey!say!jump, kis-my-ft2, oricon

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