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Best Jeanist Awards Rigged?

As you all probably know, Aiba Masaki won Best Jeanist earlier last week. The entire concept of Best Jeanist is probably best summarized by this CNNgo article calling it a prize for Japanese ‘talent’ (their snarky use of punctuation, not mine) for wearing clothes. Seems about right. 

So it wouldn’t really be that big of a surprise if one of the most useless awards in the world was actually rigged, would it?

Since its inception in ‘84, Best Jeanist has just been essentially a popularity contest as to who the most popular celebrities are at any given moment. The winner are decided by a vote open to the public, however there’s been a pattern that over half of the top placing celebs just happen to be either Avex or Johnnys affiliated. 

Says an entertainment writer, “The jimusho probably already decided last year to make Aiba the winner this year. Aiba was #2 last year to Kamenashi, and everyone from #1-#4 are in the same exact order as last year. Also, the intense difference between Aiba’s 11942 votes and JYJ’s 3,052 votes is unnatural.” 

Compare the male and female rankings, by votes:


  1. Aiba Masaki (Arashi), 11,942
  2. JYJ  3,052
  3. Tomohisa Yamashita (NEWS), 2,602
  4. Iwasawa Koji (Yuzu), 1,380
  5. Ohno Satoshi (Arashi), 953
  6. Matsumoto Jun (Arashi), 692
  7. Yunho (DBSK), 569
  8. Akanishi Jin, 483
  9. Yuto Nakajima (Hey!Say!JUMP), 422
  10. Hikawa Kiyoshi, 410
  1. Kuroki Meisa, 4,380
  2. aiko, 3,390
  3. Keiko Kitagawa, 1,822
  4. Amuro Namie, 1,588
  5. Becky, 1,354
  6. Karina, 992
  7. Itano Tomomi (AKB48), 720
  8. Mizu Natsuki, 690
  9. Hasegawa Jun, 689
  10. Anna Tsuchiya, 561

Yep, Aiba definitely has a voting cabal operating from various proxies to pad votes for him. Either that or they automatically gave him a vote every time someone tried to vote for someone Korean.


Tags: awards, fashion, rumour

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