Ame (nebarando) wrote in aramatheydidnt,

Flumpool to relase new single

It was announced that flumpool is releasing new single called "Present" on December 7th.

The single, which is going on sale just before band's two days at Saitama Super Arena is, as title says, a present for their fans for the ending of the year. "Gathering all happy and sad things, we want to sum up the ending [of this year] with a smile. Connected with feeling of gratitude towards precious people in our life, like family or friends we want to do our best next year as well!" comments flumpool.

Release comes in two versions - regular and first press limited edition. Limited edition comes with  "Wasshoi Tengui" - a thin cotton towel. Preview and example uses can be found at flumpool's official site.

Tags: flumpool, music/musician, music/musician (j-rock & visual kei)

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