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WEAVER to release new single in December

It’s been revealed that rock band WEAVER will be releasing their new single, “Egao no Aizu“, on December 21st.

As we reported earlier, the title song has been picked up for TBS’s new program, “Asian Ace“. The coupling track, “66Ban-me no Kisha ni Notte“, is a song the band has been performing at their lives before their major debut. It will also include a piano version of “Egao no Aizu” by member Sugimoto Yuji (Vo, Piano).

Additionally, the details for Sugimoto’s solo CD, “facing you“, has been revealed. For the CD, he has teamed up with lyricist/composer Kato Isam, and will be working under the name, ‘Sugimoto Yuji × Kato Isam‘. It will contain a total of six original songs, and will come in an analog version.

Check out the full track lists for “Egao no Aizu” and “facing you” below!


<Egao no Aizu>

01. Egao no Aizu
02. 66Ban-me no Kisha ni Notte
03. Nakitai Kurai Shiawase ni Nareru yo
04. Egao no Aizu Sugimoto Yuji Solo (Piano Instrumental Ver)
05. Egao no Aizu (Instrumental Ver)

<facing you>

01. Yoyogi Koen
02. Machi
03. Only
04. Insomnia
05. Happy End
06. 100Kai Naku Koto

Source: natalie & tokyohive

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