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Member's j-web regarding YamaPi and Ryo withdrawal...

Yep I know NEWS again, if you don't want it, don't read it
Well those have been around for sometimes now but I just felt like publishing them together.

Ryo's J-web:

Hello everyone.
This is Nishikido.
Just like the news reported, I’m not in NEWS anymore.
There could be a lot of people who were shocked, but this is a painful decision I have made after some thought.
From debut I have been shuffling around, schedule problem, around with 2 groups, I would have caused trouble for both groups ultimately. I have been troubled with regards to this.
Everyone have been supporting the Nishikido who was in NEWS, I am really thankful.
Now, as the Nishikido Ryo of Kanjani8, I will continue to work hard. Therefore I hope I still can get the support of everyone.
On the other hand, the new NEWS by Koyama, Kato, Masuda and Tegoshi, please do support them from now.

Trans by cookiesmoon

YamaPi's J-web:

To all the fans who supported NEWS.
I'm sorry if I caused sad thoughts with my decision. It was a decision that I took after lot of thinking and worrying. 
In the end we took two slighty different paths but I want NEWS members and my fans to feel good, I want them to stay hopeful, my feeling haven't changed. 
I think that from now on I'll experience difficulties I've never felt before, I want to cherish the experiences I had with NEWS activities and do my best.
The rail is different but I want us to be nice rivals and be a stimulus to each others. 
Then, I want to give to all my fans the best of times, I will pile up and do my very best at each work. 
Thank you for following me. Then, I'm thankful to the members who understood my decision.
From tomorrow I'll write the diary again!

Koyama's J-web:

 I'm really, really sorry for making the fans sad and worried because of the current situation. Personally I could express my feelings in radio and tv, but Shige, Massu and Tego feel the same. We will do our best in 4. We want as NEWS to make the fans smile from the heart. Please support us. From now on, please stay at our side. 

Trans by Spilledmilk25

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