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Why are more and more people starting to worry about Ashida Mana?

In Japan, there isn’t a day you don’t see child actress Ashida Mana (7) on TV. Whether it’s a CM, a movie, a drama, a music or a variety show, this young girl seems to be everywhere.

Many people love her and can’t get enough of her charming personality, which becomes evident when looking at the numbers. Tabloid ‘Shukan Bunshun‘ wanted to get some insider information about her from within the industry and found an official from a TV network, who explained, “Every show that Ashida appears on experiences an increase in ratings. She is one of the biggest viewer magnets at the moment and can pull up viewer ratings by 3~4% all by herself.  Everyone knows that and everyone wants to have her on their shows.

However, there are also a lot of people who are becoming more and more worried about Ashida’s busy schedule.

Actress Adachi Yumi (30) is one of them and commented, “Is it really okay for Mana-chan to be that busy?” Adachi started out as a child actress 21 years ago herself and had her big breakthrough in 1994. She was still in junior high school around that time and already had trouble living a life between work and school, but her schedule was nothing compared to Ashida’s, and that girl just entered primary school!

Ashida’s duet with Suzuki Fuku (7) is still charting and already sold over 650,000 copies. This month she is even having her own solo debut. Further, she appeared in three different movies this year, has CM contracts with 10 major companies, appeared in NHK’s taiga drama “Gou” for two different roles, starred in her first drama and drama special, and is going to appear alongside drama legend Kimura Takuya in the upcoming drama “Nankyoku Tairiku“.  Ashida even became a regular on the show “Meringue no Kimochi” making her the youngest MC to host a weekly TV show in history.

However, no matter how many filming sessions for dramas or variety shows are on her schedule, she still has to go to school.

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Source: Shukan Bunshun via Entame Scoop & tokyohive
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