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No more sub-members in your S/mileage

At today’s S/mileage Tachiagaaru event the sub-members were announced to be full members.

As most of you might remember a while back Tsunku announced that the sub-members who were chosen would pass through a test in order to find out who would be part of S/mileage, and along with the usual dancing and singing judging there was also a Smile campaign announced with stricter rules, which all combined would give Tsunku an idea of who would be a perfect member for the group.

According to fan reports from 2ch some of the members were already crying as they arrived to the stage, and after a long VTR showing off the path that the sub-members passed through the members were announced, and not surprisingly all of them made it.

After S/mileage’s new members were announced, S/mileage 8th single titled Please Mini Skirt Post Woman!! has been announced during the event. This will be the first single to feature officially Takeuchi Akari, Katsuta Rina, Tamura Meimi and Nakanishi Kana as members of S/mileage.

The release date is set for 12/28.

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I kind of figured they would become full members.
Why waste the money auditioning for them and on their costumes/include them in Mobekimasu single if you were just going to demote someone? Either way, congrats to them. I'm actually happy they made it, and would have been happier if Kosuga had been able to share the stage with them. I'm actually kind of excite for 7-nin S/mileage, idec.

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