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Sexy Halloween Costumes for Tokyo’s “Little Devils”

Cloaked in incredible hair and makeup – and dressing in fashions that the word “flamboyant” seems to have been invented for – Japanese girls who have chosen the path of the “Koakuma” (Japanese for “little devil”) subculture indulge in some of the most extreme looks around. Just flip through the pages of their monthly style bible, Koakuma ageha magazine (shown below), and prepare to be awe-struck by this dazzling lifestyle.

The question is: what do these little devils choose to dress up as for Halloween? Surely mere mummy wrappings, plastic fangs, and bed sheets with holes cut out of them would not suffice for these living dolls…

Luckily, the official Koakuma ageha webshop is now offering a range of “cosplay sets” suitable for Halloween Night at the hostess club, a wild party at a club, or maybe – just maybe – some innocent trick or treating…

The all-star lineup kicks off with this cat-inspired “Nyan Nyan Graffiti” costume. An investment of 3,990 yen (US$52.00) gets you a black one-piece dress, gloves, choker collar, and, of course, a pair of cat ears. But be warned: color contacts, like the ones ageha model Makoto Minami is wearing here, are not included!

The classic tale of “How the Leopard Got His Spots” seems to have left out the bit where they were purchased for 3,990 yen (US$52.00) at the ageha web store. But no matter. This “Sexy Leopard Woman” set includes the requisite dress, arm warmers, choker, and ears and goes one better by throwing in a tail to boot!

Continuing the animal theme, here’s a “Love Bunny Graffiti” outfit suitable perhaps for PLAYing with BOYs (see what I did there?). This 3,990 yen (US$52.00) package comes complete with rabbit ears, skimpy dress, cuffs, and microscopic short pants. Completists, take heart: the requisite cotton tail is featured on the back.

Think you know what a geisha is supposed to look like? Well, forget the floor-length kimono and elaborate hairpins. According to the ageha webshop, this skimpy number qualifies as a geisha costume. The usual 3,990 yen (US$52.00) price tag includes an obi belt, a pannier, and a pink dress…which, to be fair, looks a little bit like a traditional nagajuban, or under-kimono. That someone sawed in half.

Speaking of inaccuracies, this shiny Enamel Miniskirt Police Woman uniform is not exactly standard issue for the Tokyo metropolitan police department. But for 4,998 yen (US$65.00), I’m willing to look the other way. The ad copy for this costume set – which includes belt, tie, and hat – is actually detached enough from reality to comment, “the bright blue sky color is refreshing.”

Question: what costume best represents the timeless and truly scary traditions of All Hallows’ Eve? A hook-nosed witch? A spooky skeleton? How about…a high school cheerleader? This simple red and white uniform with pleated skirt retails for 4,998 yen (US$65.00). Heck, for that price, they could have at least thrown in a couple of pom poms…

Finally, after rabbits, leopards, cops, and cheerleaders, we come to the one costume that is one hundred percent suitable for a “little devil” to put on and strut around in… This “Devil Graffiti” set sells for 4,998 yen (US$65.00) and includes black dress, choker, along with devilish horns and wings. A pitchfork tail (not shown in the picture) completes the all-too-literal look.

For more information check out the official Koakma ageha website.

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