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Fairy Tail Adventure Manga Gets Film

The email newsletter for Kodansha's Comic Plus members revealed on Wednesday that a film adaptation ofHiro Mashima's Fairy Tail manga will open next August. 

The manga and the ongoing television anime follow the adventures of world's most notorious mage guild, Fairy Tail. In addition to the television series, three original anime DVDs have been bundled or will be bundled with the manga.

Del Rey published the 12th volume of the original manga in North America last September, and Kodansharesumed publishing the manga in English with the 13th volume this past February. Crunchyroll streams the television anime into several countries as it airs in Japan, and Funimation will release the first DVD/Blu-ray set in November.

The film will open on August 18. Kodansha has not specified if the film is anime or live-action. 


I'm scared while at the same time excited. Cause ya know live action movie+manga=AWESOME! doesn't happen often. Let's see how it goes.

Tags: anime/animation, fairies, film, manga

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