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Erika Sawajiri

Erika Sawajiri Charms the press with her professionalism and cuteness at Snickers Press Conference

Actress Sawajiri Erika attended a Snicker’s CM announcement event on October 17th in Tokyo. With the reporters shooting her questions regarding her divorce with filmmaker Takashiro Tsuyoshi, she managed to avoid the press’ pressure to respond.

This latest endorsement will feature a boy playing soccer and changing into grouchy “Erika-sama”, due to his hunger. On the soccer field, this actress kicks the ball with attitude in this comedic CM.

Sawajiri, who is known for her queen-like personality, was able to implement such a character in this CM and said, “I thought, ‘Finally, I was offered with this kind of job.’ I believe the endorsement’s clear-cut solution was pretty good,” and was purely delighted for this CM.

After this event, the press bombarded her with questions of her divorce but she did not answer any of their inquiries and walked her way through while playfully whistling as a way to warn the reporters to not question her any further.

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