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Takaoka Sosuke launches new agency

Takaoka Sosuke launches new agency

The media is reporting that actor Takaoka Sosuke launched a new agency called “NO WHERE” about two months ago. Takaoka left his original agency earlier this summer after making some controversial tweets about the ‘Hallyu Wave’.

On October 17th, Takaoka sent out a fax to numerous media outlets, apologizing once again for the trouble he’s caused. He started the letter with, “I am very sorry for creating a stir with my remarks.” He then continued, “I will refrain from making any remarks online. I also want to mature enough to be able to communicate from the heart while speaking eye-to-eye.

From time to time, Takaoka tweeted about his relationship with his wife, actress Miyazaki Aoi. However, in the fax, he declared, “I can’t make remarks about my private life hereafter.

According to the agency, Takaoka is eager to resume his acting career. He is scheduled to make his comeback through the stage play, “Kinkakuji“, on January 27th. Takaoka explained, “I have a few movie offers, so please watch over me warmly.” (source)

good luck to him!
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