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Breaking News: Masuwaka Tsubasa to divorce husband Umeda Naoki?

Rumors are swirling that model Masuwaka Tsubasa (26) will divorce her husband, actor Umeda Naoki (28), by the end of the year.

According to several sources, the reason for the divorce lies in the couple’s difference in their beliefs. A certain source states, “Ever since Masuwaka-san became popular, there’s been a big change in their values and sense of money.” Reportedly, the two have been living separately since late-February, and in August, Masuwaka suggested a divorce. The fact that Umeda was absent from Masuwaka’s birthday party on October 12th lends credence to the rumors.

Umeda has already hired an attorney, and plans to continue her divorce proceedings. Although they have no financial problems, it’s predicted that they will fight over custody of their 3-year old son. The divorce will be finalized by the end of the year, at the earliest.

Masuwaka and Umeda got married on Christmas day in 2007. In April of the following year, they welcomed their first son, and were supposedly leading a healthy family life.

Both of their agencies denied the reports saying, “They are not separated, and they will not be getting a divorce.” However, other sources say, “Mending the relationship is impossible.

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