Harle (our_scars) wrote in aramatheydidnt,

Takako Uehara takes legal actions against Shukan Bunshun's defamatory claims

As some of you may already know, last month she appeared among others in a list of Celebrities that have Connections with Japan's Organized Crime, published by Shukan Bunshun's magazine.
She denied all these accusations of being a Yakuza ho and is ready to sue their asses off~.

Other black listed celebrities: Nakai Masahiro-papa, EXILE, Mizuki Arisa, Hideaki Ito, Downtown, and some enka singers.

ETA: Here's the list http://www.officiallyjd.com/archives/56289/ 

Source: Yahoo Japan , ChoScandalous, 2ch

... Does this mean SPEED's new single is gonna be postponed?!?! D:
Tags: actor/actress, comedian, exile, johnnys entertainment, music/musician, nakai masahiro, scandal, show me the receipts, speed, uehara takako

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