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Why some mothers 'sell' their children for dirty deals

Japan is a “lolicon superpower” in which the rampant “Lolita complex,” the adult male fixation on preteen girls, fuels a persistent demand for, to quote from Shukan Asahi’s headline, “children sold by their mothers.”

The magazine (Oct 28) tells the following stories and several others like it, but doesn’t say how many cases they represent. Are they aberrations, or more typical than anyone likes to think? 

“My parents divorced when I was in second grade,” says Chisato, now 17. “Mama was in the ‘fashion health’ business. From the time I was little I wanted to be an ‘idol’, a big star. I thought mama was helping me.”

She was about 10 when mama started having her pose for photographs – in a wet gym uniform, or in panties cutting into her flesh. “You’ll be a star,” said mama, “just like [girl pop group] Morning Musume. The photos were apparently sold to a production company mama was in touch with.

“I hated it,” says Chisato, “but after the photo sessions, I’d get taken to a steak restaurant for a hamburger, which I liked, so I stuck it out.”

Time passed, Chisato matured. “Listen,” said mama, “why don’t you do enjo kosai” – a sex-for-cash transaction usually involving high school girls and much older men. “Your breasts are growing, you can’t appeal to lolicon types anymore.”

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