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Suzuki Emi releases new photobook in 5 years

On October 23rd, model/actress Suzuki Emi held a release event for her new photobook, “s’eee“, at Shibuya PARCO’s Spain-zaka Square.

“s’eee” is not only Suzuki’s first photobook in 5 years, but it’s also her very first self-produced photobook as well. She gave a sigh of relief as she said, “There were many happenings along the way, but I’m relieved to finally see it released.”

Regarding the results, Suzuki stated, “I could’ve done more. I give it 85 points.” She continued, “In about half a year, I want to have my revenge. It would be enjoyable if I could release photobooks periodically.”

The photobook not only features gravure shots of Suzuki, but also a variety of ‘girly elements’ from love stories to make-up lessons. Suzuki introduced her favorite page as she said, “You can really see my normal self in this book.”

Seeing the dozens of fans who gathered at the event, Suzuki smiled and said, “I didn’t think there would be so many fans, so I’m very happy!!” She livened up the crowd by sharing her fashion point of the day and her make-up techniques.


I've always loved her style!

I want this outfit >_>

and this hairstyle >_>

Source: Tokyohive, Oricon
Tags: model

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