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Kazuya Kamenashi happy with first ratings for his latest drama


Kazuya Kamenashi, star of the latest monster-anime-turned-live-action-drama, achieved one of his best TV ratings last Saturday, reports Mainichi Shimbun on October 24.

“妖怪人間ベム (Youkai Ningen Bem)” started its season off with an impressive 18.9 per cent average rating during the first episode.

“I really want to thank the large number of people who watched the show. I’m totally happy right now,” Kamenashi said.

It has been reported Kamenashi said it was only the beginning of an exciting series.

“The original story has a lot of character. Along with our production team who keep breaking down the walls that stand against us in making his live-action show possible, and my co-stars, I hope we can become a stronger team, and put all our heart and hard work into the shoots to make this drama that will stay with people,” he said.

The drama follows three monsters who dream of becoming humans, and in the process befriend a human family.

It has been reported ratings during the first episode peaked at 22.9 per cent, during the scene when the three transform into their monstrous forms.

More News:

The NTV Saturday drama [Yōkai Ningen Bem] starring the popular group KAT-TUN member Kamenashi Kazuya (25), recorded an average viewers rating for the 1st episode (22nd) of 18.9% (Kanto district). Which was announced on the 24th by Video Research Ltd. And the highest instant average rating was 22.9% at 10:00 pm.

It's considered the first high rating for an NTV Saturday drama since [Gokusen] which started on April 2008, by viewers rating 26.4% for the 1st episode.

Kamenashi in the lead role comments "I really thank you all so much. I'm really thankful to the fact that it was watched by many people. I'm extremely glad. The original anime has some individuality and is a wonderful work. Along with the staff and co-actors who have been progressing strongly through the various obstacles we have faced to make it into a live-action, we'll continue to work as one team, aim for a drama that will remain in your hearts, and we'll put all our feelings into it and motivate ourselves to strive into the filming."

Producer Kawano Hidehiro showed his gratitude saying "A TV drama based on a great anime aired 43 years ago, in its time frame Saturday 9 pm, we all the staff and the cast thought about how to present it and what do we have to display, and we built it up seriously and frantically while thinking each in his own role what could be done. That is why I feel really glad that it's watched by lots of people."


credits 1,  2 3, and 4

hoping the next episodes can maintain the quality of the 1st episode.
go get it Bem!!

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