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Denny's Restaurants to Offer K-ON! Items in Japan

Denny's Restaurants to Offer K-ON! Items in Japan

"Shrimp and Oyster Crispy-Fried Doria," "Creamy Home-Made Fruit Trifle" orders receive K-ON! prizes

In honor of the K-ON! film, which opens December 3 in Japan, the Denny's chain of family restaurants in Japan will sell dishes celebrating the anime in November and December. Denny's November menu will offer "Shrimp and Oyster Crispy-Fried Doria" (a baked rice-based dish with white sauce) for 890 yen (about US$12). The food's Japanese name kaki fry or "fried oyster" plays on kakifly, the pen name of the K-ON! high school slice-of-life manga's creator.

Customers who order the doria will receive one of two exclusive K-ON! film coasters in limited quantities. From November 1 to 15, the Denny's restaurants will give out a Christmas-themed coaster with the main K-ON! characters in Santa Claus outfits. Customers will receive a K-ON! coaster with a snowy winter backdrop from November 16 to 30.

From December 1 to 25, Denny's menus in Japan will include the "Creamy Home-Made Fruit Trifle", and customers who order the dish will receive a special K-ON! glass tag. Those who order the item will also be able to enter the "Denny's Original Goods Prize Campaign". Denny's will post the campaign's details on its homepage in mid-November.

Last year, Japan's Denny's website featured a picture of four girls with striking similarities to the K-ON! anime and manga franchise's Hōkago Teatime ("Afterschool Teatime") band.

kakifly's comedy manga received television anime series in 2009 and 2010 before the film adaptation was green-lit last year. (source)

i almost thought it said the denny's in america. good thing i read it all!
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