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KARA releases tracklist and cover jackets for new album, “Super Girl”

The lovely ladies of KARA just released their newest single, “Winter Magic” on October 10th, but they’ve already got a full-length album release up their sleeves!

The girls will be releasing their second Japanese album, “Super Girl“, on November 23rd. It will include their original Japanese singles, “Jet Coaster Love“, “GO GO Summer!“, and “Winter Magic“, as well as the Japanese versions of “Mister” and “Jumpin’“.

There are three limited edition versions (A~C), but only one comes
with a DVD. The DVD will include music videos for their latest Korean
single, “STEP” and an alternate version of “GO GO
Summer!”. The first press of each edition will come with an original
trading card and access to a special website. First presses will also
come with a special ticket for a DVD present: a special video clip of
“Winter Magic”, which will feature solo shots of each member. The
subscription application will close on November 28th.

Universal Music Japan has also released the cover jackets and track lists to the album. Check it out!


Limited Edition A

< CD >

01. Jet Coaster Love

02. Winter Magic

03. GO GO Summer!

04. Dreaming Girl

05. Ima, Okuritai [Arigatou]

06. Only for you

07. Whisper

08. Missing

09. Do It! Do It!

10. Girls Be Ambitious!

11. Mister (Bonus Track)

12. Jumpin (Bonus Track)

13. STEP (Bonus Track)

< DVD >

01. GO GO Summer! -Music Video- (Director’s Cut)

02. Jet Coaster Love -Live Performance- (CJ Media Japan (Mnet) [JJ's M Studio]

03. Winter Magic -Music Video- (Close-up Ver.)

04. STEP -Music Video-

05. Super Girl -Jacket Offshoot-

06. Winter Magic -Jacket Offshoot-


Limited Edition B

*Same tracklist

Extra: 36-page mini color photobook


Limited Edition C

*Same tracklist


Source: KARA Official Website

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