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Shonan no Kaze’s RED RICE to make his acting debut

It’s been revealed that Shonan no Kaze’s RED RICE will be making his acting debut with the drama, “11 Nin mo Iru!“.
RED RICE will play the role of ‘Sam’, a former motorcycle gang leader who is in a love triangle with the main character (played by Kamiki Ryunosuke) and the heroine ‘Soara’ (Nomura Masumi). He stated, “I feel this is an important opportunity to show my possibilities. I am excited.”
“11 Nin mo Iru” is a comedic home drama about a poor family which consists of an unemployed father (Tanabe Seiichi), a stay-at-home mother (Mitsuura Yasuko), and eight children. A ghost (Hirosue Ryoko), who can only be seen by the youngest son Saigo (Kato Seishiro), joins the family and creates unexpected situations.
Regarding this challenge, RED RICE positively expressed, “I feel the pressure of challenging myself to a new job field, and I know there will be painful things. However, I feel that it will take my lyric writing in a positive direction. I also feel that it will be a big thing for both myself and Shonan no Kaze. I hope to discover a new side of myself through this experience“.

source: Tokyohive
I can't wait for the next episode... This drama is soooo freaking funny! XD
credit: dawnofthesecondday @tumblr
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