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Kraft Cheese Sponsors New Dog of Flanders Anime Short

Kraft Cheese Sponsors New Dog of Flanders Anime Short

"Carbonara of Happiness" promotes parmesan cheese, streams until December 31

Kraft Foods Japan recently collaborated with the World Masterpiece Theater anime showcase producers to create a new Dog of Flanders anime short titled "Shiawase no Carbonara" ("Carbonara of Happiness"). The video runs about 12 minutes and began streaming on YouTube and the project's official website in September.

The story centers on a boy named Nello who is transporting milk when his cart breaks down. Nello gets help from a boy to fix his cart, and Nello gets a chance to return the favor when the boy runs in trouble in the street the next day. With the help of a mysterious fairy named Parme and other children, Nello works to solve his friend's problems and reunite him with his mother.

"Carbonara of Happiness" promotes Kraft's parmesan cheese, and the project's website includes various pasta recipes that use the product. The anime short will be available streaming online only until December 31.

Marie Louisa de la Ramee's original 1872 A Dog of Flanders novel first inspired an anime adaptation in 1975 as part of Nippon Animation's World Masterpiece Theater anime collection based on world literature. The original television anime received a remake in 1992 and an anime film version in 1997.


can someone translate the recipes? i'd like to try it lmao i don't have a particular taste except nothing spicy :(

edit: lmao mods, please reject the first one. i forgot to include the youtube video.
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