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Ashida Mana holds her solo debut live event

On October 26th, popular child actress Ashida Mana (7), who released her solo debut single “Suteki na Nichiyoubi ~Gyu Gyu Good day!~” on the same day, held her debut live event at the Shintoshi Hall in Yokohama.

Ashida greeted the 800-member audience with a smile and said, “I’m happy that this many people came. I feel nervous, but I will try my best.” She then performed her solo debut song in front of the audience, who gave Ashida a big round of applause.

Though this event was held on a weekday, the admission numbered tickets were all snatched up in less than an hour. Ashida also performed a follow up song “Pikapika Usagi no March“, and revealed that the choreography for this song was done by herself.

At the end of the event, she gave a deep bow to the audience and gave them a mature farewell speech. “Thank you very much for coming today. Good bye,” impressing everyone in the room.

She also held a “high touch event” with 300 people who bought her CD after the debut event, and thanked each and everyone.

Ashida will be releasing an album within the year.

Source & Image: Oricon & tokyohive
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